NASRO SRO training: Avoid student arrests

Published Thursday, February 6, 2020

“Most SROs, certainly the ones that come through our training and are part of our membership, are consistently about reducing arrests. I wish everyone came through us for training, because that’s one of our big messages: don’t go in and try to see how many kids you can arrest. The idea is to be in the building, helping to keep it safe, not constantly hauling kids to jail.”

That’s one of many comments NASRO executive director Mo Canady made this morning on a nationally broadcast Canadian radio talk show, “The Current.”

Mo also pointed out that “The number-one goal of a school-based police officer should be to bridge the gap between law enforcement and youth, in other words, by building positive relationships.” In addition, he told show host Anna Maria Tremonti that NASRO’s SRO training includes advice about emptying a classroom of non-participants before a confrontation with a student, because that often makes incident deescalation easier.

Further, Mo emphasized that NASRO trains school resource officers to stay out of matters of school discipline. NASRO recommends that educators and administrators handle non-criminal behavior issues, such as student defiance, code of conduct violations, etc. without calling in law enforcement.

Listen to the entire program.