Member Services

NASRO Member Services is your resource for NASRO information. Our office is staffed by the following individuals, Monday through Friday, 7:30 am – 4:30 pm CST:


Executive Director, Mo Canady Mo is responsible for overseeing all areas of NASRO and works very closely with the Board of Directors.  Mo represents NASRO on various committees to advocate for school-based policing. 

Training Director, Kerri Williamson  Kerri works closely with the Executive Director, Host Agencies, and Instructors to ensure that training classes run smoothly, and she is responsible for scheduling trainers for our annual conference. 

Director of Operations, Mac Hardy Mac can assist you with any questions about the day-to-day operations of the NASRO office and information about school-based policing. Mac handles all NASRO partnerships and the logistics of all NASRO events. 



Training Coordinator, Wodrian Adolphus   Wodrian works closely with the Training Director to ensure that registrations for training classes are processed and that all classes receive their required supplies. She also issues all course completion certificates, assists with the scheduling of courses, and processes Practitioner applications.

Training Coordinator, Christina Connell.  Christina works closely with Host Agencies to schedule training courses, receiving and organizing host training request for Training Director approval and communicating with Host on the progress of the training course. She is responsible for processing all group registrations and also sending member survey results to instructors.

Accounting, Mike Couey  Mike maintains grants, conference invoices for exhibitors and JOSS ads, contract invoicing, class transfer requests, and cancellations.

Accounting, Teresa Meadows  Teresa maintains accounts payable.  She processes all vendor payments, issues refunds for training invoices, and processes trainer invoices.

Accounting, Tiffany Newson Tiffany issues invoices for all training registrations.  She also maintains credit card transactions, deposits, and accounts receivable. 

Curriculum Specialist, Wayne Smith   Wayne works closely with instructors and staff to maintain and update the six different curricula taught by NASRO.  He is also responsible for coordinating and editing The Journal of School Safety.  Wayne also gladly assists with any office tasks at hand.

Administrative Assistant, Pam Walker Pam answers the phone at the NASRO office and also handles NASRO memberships, including renewals and new memberships.

Please feel free to send us any of us an e-mail or call our office at 1-888-316-2776.