NASRO Instructor

Being a NASRO instructor is a great opportunity for SROs who are passionate about NASRO and school safety.  The NASRO instructor qualifications include the following:

NASRO Instructor Minimum Qualifications

  • Must be a current member of NASRO in good standing.
  • Must hold the National SRO Practitioner certificate.
  • Must be currently assigned as a School Resource Officer, SRO Supervisor or School Administrator and have 3 years of experience as an SRO.
  • Must have at least (3) three years as a Certified Police Instructor in your home state.
  • Must have at least 40 hours of certified training experience (ex. CPR training, firearms training).
  • Must hold at least a (2) two year college degree or comparable work experience.
  • Must supply a letter from your Chief or Sheriff stating department support and your availability to travel for NASRO.
  • Must provide a 30 minute video of you instructing adult learners.
  • Must complete the NASRO Instructor Qualifying Process within 18 months. (Details below)
  • Must be willing to abide by all NASRO Training Policies and Procedures as set forth by the Board of Directors and Training Committee.


NASRO Instructor Application Process

The following steps must be completed:

  • Email the completed NASRO Instructor Application with all requested documents and 30 minute video to the Training Director.
  • The Training Director, Training Committee and Executive Director will review the application.
  • A telephone interview will be scheduled for the applicant to interview with a member of the Training Committee or the Training Director.
  • Based on the application, training video, and phone interview a determination will be made to accept or decline the application.  Once an application is accepted, the applicant then begins the NASRO Instructor Qualifying Process as described below. This process should be completed in an 18 month period.




The Training Director will assign a NASRO Qualifying Instructor (QI) to work with the Intern throughout the entire Qualifying process.  The QI will serve as a mentor and ensure that the Intern has all the needed materials, information, skills, etc. to become a high-quality NASRO Instructor.

It is highly recommended that anyone entering the Qualifying Process that completed the NASRO Basic course prior to 2016  audit a Basic course before completing the Internship. The new Basic course material was released in January of 2016, and auditing a course would give the Intern the opportunity to see the new course in its entirety before teaching it.  There would be no registration cost to do so, however travel and other expenses would be the responsibility of the Intern. The Training Director would make every attempt to have the NASRO Qualifying Instructor (QI) teach the course so the Intern can meet their QI and a plan for completion of the Qualifying Process can be discussed.

Intern must complete an Internship, assigned by the Training Director, at a regularly scheduled NASRO training course.  All expenses will be paid by the Intern. The Intern will coordinate with his or her Qualifying Instructor to teach approximately one-half of the Basic curriculum.  Both the Intern and QI will communicate with the lead NASRO Instructor for the course. The Intern will be evaluated by the NASRO Instructor and class attendees. This information will be shared with the QI who, along with the Training Director, will make a determination to classify the Intern as a Probationary Instructor, ask the Intern to complete another Internship (at the Intern’s expense), or  be removed from the process.

A Probationary Instructor must complete a minimum of one additional training course. The Probationary Instructor will continue to work with his or her QI.  The QI will coordinate with the Probationary Instructor to teach the sections of the Basic curriculum that were not taught during the Internship.  The Training Director will assign the Probationary Instructor to teach during a regularly scheduled NASRO training course. Both the Probationary Instructor and QI will communicate with the lead NASRO Instructor for the course regarding the material to be taught by the Probationary Instructor.  After a complete review of evaluations provided by the NASRO Instructor(s) and class attendees, the Training Director and QI will ask the Probationary Instructor to complete a Qualifying training, a second training as a Probationary Instructor (which will be a repeat of this process), or be removed from the process.

A Probationary Instructor completing the  Qualifying training will be assigned to teach the entire Basic course curriculum during a regularly scheduled NASRO training course.  The Qualifying Instructor will be present at this course to complete a comprehensive evaluation of the Probationary Instructor. At the conclusion of the course, a complete review of the evaluations of the class participants and Qualifying Instructor will determine if the Probationary Instructor will be granted full NASRO Instructor status,  be required to complete another Qualifying training, or be removed from the process.

Intern/Probationary Instructors will be given 18 months to complete this process.

Intern/Probationary Instructors must be willing to abide by all NASRO Training Policies and Procedures as set forth by the Board of Directors and Training Committee.

All Instructor Assignments are issued by Training Director.



If an Instructor becomes inactive for any reason, he or she must submit a written request to the Training Director requesting reinstatement as a NASRO Instructor.  The request must include the reasons he or she became inactive and how the Instructor requirements can now be fulfilled. If the request for reinstatement is accepted by the Training Director and Training Committee, a satisfactory qualifying training, and other requirements as determined by the Training Director or Training Committee, must be completed to be reinstated.