Basic Course Resources

Foundations of School-Based Law Enforcement

Fact Sheet: Memorandum of Understanding for FY2013 School-Based Partnerships

MOU Sample A

MOU Sample B

MOU Sample C

The SRO as a Teacher/Guest Speaker

Interactive Teaching Techniques

Lesson Plan Template

NASRO Fingerprint Lesson Plan

School Resource Officer Weekly Report

School Law

Board of Cut Bank Public Schools v. Cut Bank Pioneer Press

Brannum v. Overton County School Board

Commonwealth v. Dillon D

Curran v. Aleshire

Golden v. Anders

Gonzaga University v. Doe

Gonzales v. Passino

Goodwin v. Moyer

Hawker v. Sandy City Schools

In Interest of Angelia DB

In re William V

In the Matter of David Wayne Killitz

In the Matter of M.A.D. - A Youth Oregon State Exception

In the Matter of the Welfare of GSP

In the Matter of VP

Informants, Tips, & Reasonable Suspicion

JBD v. North Carolina

John Doe v. Dearborn Public Schools

New Jersey v. TLO

Ortiz v. State - Georgia State Exception

Patterson v. School District

Plock v. Board of Education

Riley v. California

Safe Schools, Information Sharing & FERPA

SROs, Safe Schools, and the Interagency Agreement

State of Washington v. CG

State v. Antonio T

State v. Duchow

State v. Meneese - Washington State Exception

State v. Oligney

State v. R.D.S.

State v. Twayne H

Staub v. East Greenbush School District

TS v. State of Indiana

United States v. Bertie County Public Schools

Video Surveillance: The Right to Privacy and Safe Schools

School Safety and Emergency Operations Plans

Best Practice Active Shooter Drills

Drill Lockdown Drill Exercise

Sample Emergency Operation Plan

Staff Table Top Training Active Shooting Scenarios