Legal Updates Written by Bernie James


Fine-tuning the Educator/SRO Relationship

Safe Schools, Information Sharing & FERPA


 School Safety Current Legal Reform

 SROS & Campus Codes of Conduct

Student Searches


2009 Laws That Affect Safe Schools & Student Rights

Cell Phones & The Fourth Amendment

Special Education Students and Their Safety

The Safe Schools Movement & SRO Liability


Informants, Tips, & Reasonable Suspicion 

SROs, Safe Schools, and the Interagency Agreement

Video Surveillance: The Right to Privacy & Safe Schools

What's the Law on Misconduct & Bullying?


Applying the "Safford" Rule in Strip Searches

Gangs: Take a Fresh Look at Your Campus Policies

School Liability & Excessive Force

The Supreme Court, Police Interrogations, & Student Rights


Selective Enforcement: Lessons Learned from Discrimination Cases

State v. Meneese: Warrants, SROs, and the MOU

Suspicionless Student Searches: When, Why, and How?

The Truth: Behind the School-to-Prison Pipeline Dispute


Policy Reform After Newtown: The SRO and the Student's Right to a Safe Campus

Safe School Policies, Liability and the School Resource Officer

School Safety Legal Reform: The Year 2013


Legal Update: Riley v. California - Guidance on School Safety, Cell Phones and Student Privacy

The Courts and Safe Schools Reform: Emerging Guidance on Student Rights

The Leading Student Speech Standard: Reasonable Forecast of Substantial Disruption

When Liability Strikes: The Rule of Law & Student Rights


Arming School Personnel: School Safety Reform & Liability

Body Worn Cameras: Student Privacy Rights and Video Surveillance

Excessive Force & SRO Liability

Message from the Courts: Legal Update on 2014-2015 Top Cases


Government Liability & The "Failure to Train" the School Resource Officer

School Safety Legal Reform: Top 10 Cases of 2016

School Safety Legislative Reform: 7 Top Concerns of Policymakers

The Discretion of Educators & Disciplinary Reform: Courts vs. the Reformers


School Discipline Reform & Restorative Justice: A Policy Analysis

School Safety Legislative Reform Going Into 2017

The Educator-SRO Relationship: When is the Educator an Agent of Law Enforcement?