For each of the following officer and regional director positions, a sole nomination was received by January 1, 2020, and those positions are uncontested:

Treasurer – Kevin Nolan
Region 1 Regional Director – Ted Thomas
Region 3 Regional Director – Joey Melvin
Region 5 Regional Director – Chase Lyday
Region 7 Regional Director - Lynelle Sparks

The following 3 candidates were nominated for the position of 2nd Vice-President:

Gregg Anderson
Joseph Kozarian
Pamela Revels

Please review the bio and platform of each candidate by clicking their name above.

Pursuant to NASRO By-Laws:

Section 8.01 Election of Directors: Each Regional Director shall be elected to a three (3) year term of office.[1] All Regular Members, in good standing and employed/appointed in the designated region, shall elect their Regional Director by a secured electronic voting method as designated by the Board of Directors.

[1] The three year terms shall be effective with the 2017 election of odd numbered regional directors 

 Section 8.05 Election of Officers: Each Officer, except those who take office by succession, shall be nominated for a two-year term. Nomination for office shall be made by a Regular Member in good standing and shall be accepted by the nominee, in writing, to the chairman of the Elections Committee or the Secretary and shall meet all other requirements required by the bylaws or the policy and procedures of NASRO before the nomination can be accepted. Officers, other than Regional Directors, shall be elected by electronic ballot by the Regular Members. Sections 8.02, 8.03 and 8.04 of these bylaws shall also apply to the election of Officers. With the exception of the initial Officers of NASRO, in order to be elected as an Officer of NASRO, a Regular Member, whose dues are current, must have served one full term as a Regional Director at the time of assuming his/her new office.

Electronic voting will be administered by NEP Services, Inc. You will receive email notification directly from vote@nepservices.com that will include a link to your online digital ballot. Because of security features and firewalls commonly used by government agencies, please check your spam and/or junk folders for an email from vote@Nepservices.com if you have difficulty in locating an email.

Each regular member may vote once for the nominee of their choice during the voting term. Voting will open at 6:00 am CST on February 1, 2020, and will close at 11:45 pm CST on April 1, 2020. Any votes received outside of this time period will be excluded from the ballot.

Please contact Donna Lefebvre at Donna.Lefebvre@nasro.org with any election or voting questions.